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is. >> good evening. the horror of human slavery are hitting home this evening. young girl is lured underground and she's not a troubled teenager and stories reminder that any child anywhere could become the victim of this kind of horrifying crime. tonight she speaks exclusively with vick leand story that you will see only on abc 7 news. >> she wasn't a drug addict. she wasn't out partying. she was a good kid. >>reporter: for the sake of the story we'll call her dorothy and her 16-year-old daughter jill. the victim of a sex trafficking ring. >> i have good grade in school. i have awesome friends.
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closer to my mom. family. >> you don't think that something like this can happen to a family like ours. >>reporter: but tragically it did. to this family. who lived in a nice safe suburban neighborhood. jill applied for a babysitting job with a couple who had just moved in. >> i started babysitting for them and then like a while after that is when things started to be revealed. >>reporter: it turns out the couple was trafficking young girls including some of jill's friends. they advertised on the internet. meeting in hotel rooms. david prince is an assistant special agent in charge of ice. >> ultimately she was could earsed then forced into the trafficking business. >> they would beat my friends and i saw it. like my friend had a broken collar bone and just i was scared. they were
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involved with gangs and drugs and just violence and i wanted not only to protect myself but my family. they knew where i lived. they knew my friends. they had control over me. >>reporter: then one day dorothy received a call from police who said her daughter was among a group arrested at hotel for prostitution. >> when i got the call i was in denial. i thought there was some kind of mistake. >>reporter: the trafficker were arrested and later convicted with the help of jill's testimony in court. >> it has been a long road but we are, we are strong and she's strong and she's beautiful and so proud of her. >> jill wanted her story told. for this one reason. >> i don't want anybody to go through this. because i suffer from it on a daily basis. i with this for the rest of my life. >> interview was shot by the ice agent who handled the case. she and her mother fear retaliation. only felt
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comfortable talking to that agent. that was a condition of the interview. ice gave us the entire interview that we edited down for the story. this is 7 news. >> missing person case may have turned into a murder case. teenager girl who disappeared from suisun was found dead in fairfield park this morning. girl was reported missing yesterday. police are not releasing her age or name but they are treating this case for the moment as homicide. >> very scary morning for 2 women in east san jose. confront add man breaking into the car. yelled at him to stop but instead the man chased the women back in their home and punched one of the women repeatedly in the face. now this happened in the all rock neighborhood. flew over to get picture of the area but believe it or not this whole thing didn't end there. both women ran away from the house when now 2 men started chasing them. punching one of the women again. then the men went back to the house and stole a number
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of things. one woman went to the hospital. she is okay that's the good news. 2 men the cowards are still on the run tonight. >> well, you mate want to check the twitter account because twitter has been hacked. san francisco company says it's attacked by sophisticated handlinger who obtain the e-mail address and password of 250,000 customers and probably wasn't isolated incident. they said twitter cancelled the password and advised the users now to create new ones and they will explain how to do that if that affected you. >> a lot of frustration mean time for bank of america customers trying to bank on line. did this happen to you. web site was down most of the day. smart phone app also crashed. customers trying to use got error message. the bank pwlaiments on interm technical malfunction. bank atm are still working properly. >> blue cross health insurance hits hundreds of thousands of customers maybe you with a double digit rate increase
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starting tomorrow. consumer advocate furious about it. the story from our correspondent in sacramento. >> she was dreading the start of february when her health insurance premium with anthem blue cross sky rocket from 6 35 dollars a month to nearly 800. >> i'm mad about it because i feel in they are trying to take advantage of things before the obama care takes effect. trying to get their rate i hope creases in. >> 7 30,000 californians who buy private insurance on the individual market through anthem saw an average 17 and a half percent increase. but some are getting hit with as much as 26 percent jump consumer woch doing says third or fourth rate hike in two years from an insurer whose parent company make 2.7 billion dollars in profit last year. anthem says the industry had to raise rates. not tomorrow wichbility unfortunately due to increasing medical costs and due to a people older and
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circumstance than last year we have to raise rates to cover our cost. >>reporter: in fact even with the rate hike anthem says it's taking a two and a half percent loss on this group of consumer consumers. >> it's outrageous. >>reporter: consumer group point out standard and poor health care economic index found the rate of inflation in the industry slowed to 5 percent last year. questioning the need for double digit increases. >> i think anthem blue cross has just done is perfect example of why we need to have rate regulation in california. >> 15 states including california have no authorize to control rates. initiative already in the works to give the state insurance commissioner the power to reject rate hike. want to hang on until 2014 when people can buy health insurance on competitive on line exchange. >> hopefully lower the rates because the quantity of people being covered should increase the revenue to the insurance company and lower the rates. >> rates regulated under the federal health care reform act.
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inshir must spend every premium dollar on care n.sacramento, this is abc 7 news. >> whatever the outcome of sunday game san francisco city officials are warning that actions have consequences. case if point. this display of mug shot of the 14 people arrested after the rampage following the giants sweep of detroit in october in the world series. so-called fans remember trashed cars and buses and dumpster on fire. district attorney george says vandalism just isn't worth it. >> going out there hurting someone damaging property are very severe. >> it ain't like winning the championship. no time for violence. whether we win or lose. >>reporter: residents said the city deserves to be treated with dignity and respect as do the people of the city. merchant promise to keep an eye than the amount of liquor consumed by customers and san francisco police and sheriff's personnel will be out in force
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on sunday more police on the job than usual. of course. >> superbowl xlvii is the har ball and brother coaches took the stage they may not be exactly alike but they adore their mom jackie. she is competitive than anyone else in the family. >> nobody in the family has more competitive fire than my mother. she competes like a maniac. so i have learned no. 1 that is that. sheets just always believed in us. i think that's the most important thing to me that she believed in me. john and joan and took to us games and played catch with us and shot basket with us and just believed in us. >> nobody would fate more for us than our mom. no matter what the situation was or teach us really how to have each other back. how to be there
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for one another whether scrape in the neighborhood or something like that. >>reporter: she basically made it very clear that we were to have each other back no matter what. other thing is smart very highly intelligent very thoughtful lady we grew up with those kind of conversation and we may have been talking football with dad in the basement but mom was talking about other things. she would be talking about world affairs and history and things going on in the 70's in our world. mom always tuned into all those kind of things. brought up conversation i think that helped make us more well rounded people. >> brother harbaugh. now people notice they have different they dress. jim in the khaki and sweatshirt and john as you saw in a suit. well larry wayne and sports reporter mike and news all all righter katie are sending out a lot of great behind the scenes update from new orleans where retweeting the best on our web site. live reports continue all weekend right here on abc 7. if you have been watching just doing some great
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stuff. now the gym is a lot of fun. know you watch that but turn back to us after the superbowl to see the celebration. our team in new orleans and in the bay area live on the air and up to the minute look how niner fans are reacting here and in the big joan us open superbowl sunday. i'll be here with amma for the weekend news at well. >> much more to get to this first day of february. come up. new development in the collins kidnapping case. late details just ahead open news. >> police watch group weighs in on the video that shows exactly what happened when the confrontation with officer got personal. >> spencer here with the weather. weather. >> . >> you may have heard spencer say mike down a little bit but changes coming despite the great weather we have forecast later. san francisco banjo man. one of the nineers best known fans in new orleans there he is. plucking away and singing. but he
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is. >> 7 fuss learned tonight that the main person of interest in the dispersons of 10-year-old kevin collins nearly 3 decades ago had a rap sheet including kidnapping. source was knowledge of the investigation tell us that this the is one of
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the reasons police are focusing now on dan farren would died several years ago. police on tuesday took jack ham intera home on masonic street where he used to live an investigator up the basement floor looking for evidence to link him to the young boy. home is right across the street from kevin's old school. our sources say farren had a dog that is important because 2 witness told police they saw last saw kevin talking to a man with a large dog. one even saw them together in front of farren house. during this week search cadaver dog located bones if the basement there are of the home. police believe they are animal bones not human. but they have sent them to the crime lab just to be sure. >> now in the east bay this is video from you tube of home being broken into last we can car pull up. 2 women knock on the door nobody answers 2 men walk up. one smashes the door with the foot until it opens. there you see it. kicking the door in. owner says they stole the husband prized ring. this
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home has been burglarize befor before. police spotted the car in pittsburgh and started chasing it. but the culprit got away but they have the video at least. >> city of oakland unveiled the nation first locally issued i.d. that also doubles as a debit card. city teamed up with sf global and master card to create them. community leaders say they will help people who can not open bank accounts because they lack a government issued identification and that includes many undocumented immigrants. >> they were particularly vulnerable because they couldn't open bank accounts and they carry cash around with them so tavringt of a lot of crime. >> i have the mexican consulate card but some some business owners and some night life facilities are are weary of it. >>reporter: card will also save user money by allowing them to avoid fee charged by check cashing services. web site goes on line monday where people who live in oakland can sign up for the new idea.
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>> california department of justice is investigating the unauthorized use of the helicopter at high school football game. top officials of the department didn't know it was used to hover over the game and el dorado hill outside sacramento last november. this is video of the incident from you tube. reports say an agent dropped a football from the helicopter to his son player on the field. top brass at the agency says he will now person aparagraph any authorized use of the helicopter. there we go. more open that more fall out to come. spencer here. >> weekend has aarrived. saturday important because we'll be out and about doing things. sunday inside watching the game. >> i certainly will. i prawm many of us will be. whether inside or outside the weather here it is spectacular. live view from the high definition east bay hills camera out over the bay on this clear evening around the bay area. we do have thin high clouds so we could call it partly cloudy but it appears clear. here's a
9:19 pm
look at live doppler 7 hd which doesn't appear very clear. you can clearly see thin cloud cover we have but it is so thin. might as well call it clear. temperature readings at this hour in the 50's but cooler in parts of the north bay where it is did you know to 48 and novato 47. santa rosa farthest 46 over at fairfield. and look at our forecast feature partly cloudy overnight mild weekend coming up with high cloud and this pattern changes next week mid to late next week start to feel more winter like and lack more winter like as well. we need to make you aware of the beach hazard advisory in effect until monday morning look out for dangerous sneaker wave treacherous. stay away from the water edge. avoid slippery rock if you are down along the coast line. overnight look for low pressure dropping to the mid 30's in the interior valley of the north bay up at santa rosa, napa and interior east bay as well. concord livermore fairfield see low in the mid upper 30's. baylow 40's over nature and low of 45 here in
9:20 pm
san francisco. satellite image shows high pressure still dominant feature and lifting the jet stream well to our north strong ridge with blocking pattern. no weather disturbance headed our way but we have the stream of cloud from way down south to the pacific moving up in our direction. thin high cloud providing us filtered sunshine but not bringing any threat of rainfall at all. so tomorrow in the south bay look for mainly sunny skies with thin high cloud. high pressure in the mid to upper 60's. 66 at campbell. 65 san jose. peninsula high of 62 san mateo. 65 at mountain view. cooler on the coast than the last couple daisy. high of only 59 pacifica tomorrow and 60 at half man bay. downtown san francisco 61 degrees. 60 in the sun set district. north bay high mainly in the mid 60' 60's. 64 at santa rosa and sonoma 63 at napa. nearest bay high 61 at oakland. 62 at newark. 63 at castro vaechlt inland east bay mid 60's. 64
9:21 pm
at fairfield. danville and pleasanton and intermonterey bay we see low 60's near the bay. a little bit milder inland mid upper 60's at morgan hill, gilroy and holster. accu-weather 7 day forecast. this mild pattern despite some little flux asian at the coast remain in place through monday. it will be a little bit cooler tuesday and wednesday but dry. however more cloud come natural picture thursday and friday. temperatures high mid 50's across the entire area and there's a slight chance of rain thursday and friday. so get back to more winter like pattern. stungly beautiful mild sprinkling daisy. >> we are on a roll. >> we are than deed >> thank you spencer very much. >> he is never without it. >> if oh. >> coming up next. one thing collin kaepernick always keeps with him and why. stay with with him and why. stay with well, well, well.
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citibank popmoney. easier banking. standard at citibank. >> this is abc 7 news. >> the dow jones closed about 14,000 for the first time in more than 5 years. market watchers are divided about what that means. some believe it will attract smaller investors who haven't been buying stock. others believe the market is over hyped and ready to fall again. here's a look at the numbers. dow up 149 points closing at 14 09. nasdaq s&p 500 both finish the week on positive note as well. >> now to forty-niner quarterback kaepernick. turns out he has close tie to camp for children with heart diseas disease. it's near his hometown of tour lock. reporter lee explains kaepernick connection to camp
9:26 pm
taylor. >>reporter: after his whip against the miami dolphins last month quarterback kaepernick got a new friendship bracelet made by the kids at camp taylor. what they didn't know was that he always carries the fears one they made for him. >> always carry it with me. >>reporter: after his nfl draft kaepernick wanted to support a local charity. he chose camp taylor which offers free medically supervised summer camp for kids with heart disease. >> he lost older brother to heart disease and sew wanted to find a charity to get back to honor his parents and family. >>reporter: he was only scheduled for 3 hours at the first camp but stayed 7. he played in the pool. joined discussion on heart health and even sang with his parents in front of the entire camp. >> colin don't come out with group people. he drives himself into camp with college car. he really cares. not just for fun and pomp and
9:27 pm
circumstances. it's real. >>reporter: he check ins regularly and he recently surprised the camp with a new fundraiser. >> he's the one who started the kaepernick t shirts calling kaepernick for a cause. he tied the t-shirt intos us. >>reporter: preparing for saturday fundraiser and camp kids will be watching kaepernick in the superbowl this sunday. >> purple and black faith they are we have. >> they will play. niners will squash this little insight into the 49er sudden star. lee reporting. colin has million many. filmed this commercial with baltimore raven running back rice. family borks at local chess company. the got milk series created by the milk processor board and experts considerñi this campaign one of the best ever. so lack for that. >> moving on. still coming up tonight. follow-up from the abc 7 news i team.
9:28 pm
>> know who you are talk to. know who you are talking to are you getting in my face. you stepped forward to me i didn't step forward to you. >> i know who i'm talking to. and you are down do you understand that? >> confrontation with the police officers that got way too personal. tonight we show you video. we show the video to local watch dog group to get their reaction. >> but first a message from the 49ers from local troop over se seas. >> i'm from travis air force base deployed here in south west asia. supporting my san francisco 49ers. 18 years i need to update
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is. >> police watch dog group is responding to last night abc 7 news i team investigation that we aired that uncovered if you complaint of excessive force against the vallejo police deputy. that incident caught on camera. i team dan tonight with the very latest. >> imagine you are a police officer on patrol. it's a warm summer day. call comes in. 22-year-old complaining his rule mate beat him up and kicked him out of the apartmen apartment. >> are you injured. >> yes. punched me in my face choked me out ripped my clothes tried to steal thousands office dollars worth of my stuff. in and out front of the house. >>reporter: victim upset how long you took to arrive. >> you guys took 45 minutes to get out here. >> okay. listen to me first of all i'm not on your time watch. >> i know. >> second of all. >> you took bleep forever. >> second of all. >> u.s. soldier know who you are talking to. >> know who you are talking to. >> are you getting in my face. >> you stepped forward to me i didn't step forward to you. >> whether would you do. try
9:33 pm
to difficult fast the situatio situation. perhaps explain why it took 45 minutes to arrive. the victim to step back have a seat on the curb and assure him you are there to help or c smack him in the head. >> i know who i'm talking to your did you know. so you are talking to united states marin marine. do you understand that. >> i'm a u.s. soldier. >> you are talking to a marine so i suggest you never step up and get in my face again when i'm talking to you. do you understand me. >> i tracked down the victim on the video. blake robles. >> seeing this now brings back the anger frustration that i felt that day when the people that were there that were supposed to come to help me there to attack me. >> he had never seen the video before. brought back a flood of emotion. >> let's start over. >> the act can stoychlt when he was on the ground the two officers pressed the knee noose his chest. >>reporter: he blacked out briefly. >> start over do i need to
9:34 pm
further introduce myself. i don't need to further introduce myself. >> officers accused robles of faking it. what was all that moneying and stuff did you on the ground. my knee was in the center of the chest and having a hard time. >> what was that moneying you son of a bleep. that was me not being able to breathe. >> whether in a bad mood or angry or disrespectful doesn't matter. they are there to protect and to serve us. i was not protect theed served and never felt safe with the police department since then. >> the incident was captured by a camera clipped to the shirt of the officer 17 year veteran of the vallejo pd seen in this video. >> do you want to know what happened. >>reporter: he doesn't want to talk about this case by e-mail he refused my request for interview. the best known outside the department for his rap music. after he recorded a tribute to vallejo officer james who was killed by
9:35 pm
suspected bank robber in 2011. >> fast forward. he forgot we know. >>reporter: and chief joe crimes declined to be interviewed. when i caught him outside police headquarters. told he wasn't cheap at the time of the accident. he arrived last september from novato. >> fwhu package arrived here at abc 7 just last month sent by somebody inside the vallejo pd concerned about position there is rate now. along with the dvd and police all right the source wrote a letter describe a pervasive cowboy attitude in the department. >>reporter: source described what happened to blake robles and wrote criminal behavior allowed and nothing done to to it. internal affairs does nothing to hold officers accountable and spends more time bullying citizen whose try to file complaints. source wrote the ship supervisor played the video in briefing and laughed about it. >> did that happen. >> i don't believe that happened. i believe that's completely inaccurate but this is year and a half ago i wasn't there for every step of this.
9:36 pm
>>reporter: lieutenant horton oversee vallejo police stand arrested dwichlingts he refused to comment directly on the video. or to say what if any discipline officer received for the incident. >> i can't discuss the man personnel file or disposition of discipline or anything like that with you. >>reporter: you are asking me and asking the public to trust you that the you handled this properly. i'm not sure throws a lot of trust here. i need to know one last mo shot was the behavior that officer behavior on the video appropriate. >> well i can answer the question for enthusiastic way. if i'm telling that you we conducted internal affairs investigation disposition with the officer. that is the answer to your question. he would not discuss the version of events he wrote in the official police report. i conduct add front throw force into the upper portion of the chest sweeping leg in opposite direction. but he didn't hit robles in the chest as he wrote. you can clearly see the gloved right hand strike the
9:37 pm
left side of robles head knocking him to the ground. >> a lot of aggression and i believe it's because there's no accountability. >>reporter: cindy much el joined activist group cop watch after vallejo police killed her brother. she says police plant add pellet gun to justify the shooting. there was a rally against excessive force in vallejo last week. mitchell says the actions on that video matches reputation on the street. >> he's not able to properly serve the people of the community because he has a big ego. chip on his shoulder. >>reporter: for some perspective i took the video to the head of the criminal justice program at san francisco state. >> police officers know if you don't take control of the situation pretty early on you can easily escalate. >>reporter: jeff snipes says the use of force falls within general police guidelines. but agrees he let the confrontation turn personal very quickly. >> you are talking to united states marine. >> perhaps he could have stood
9:38 pm
agent bit more of a distance at first and tried to use some positioning verbal command please sit on the curb or something like that and see where it went from there. >>reporter: blake wept to the hospital after the incident says his ribs were sore for weeks. but he never considered suing the police. i don't want money. i want a solution. i want the people of vallejo to be safe and they are not safe right now. when officers like this are coming out to calls and treating victims of cases like this nobody is safe. >> using the public records act i asked the pd tr any record ntion which the officer physical contact with the public over the past three years. but they denied my request saying that's part of the personnel file. i'm filing an appeal with the pd lawyers. i'll tell you how it turns out. >> for the it, abc 7 news. >> stay on top of the story. >> changing gear now to my conversation today with rob reiner. >> starring role as meat head
9:39 pm
on the popular 1970 sitcom. >> first person to call me that today. >> but not the last. up next. >>[ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation, so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt. some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates,
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[applause]. >> emotional send off at the state department today for hillary clinton. staffer gave the outgoing secretary a state huge ovation as she left the office for the final time. look at all the people. clinton thanked everyone for the tireless effort and urged them to work as hard for john kerry when he assumes the job. september a letter to president obama saying she's more convinced than ever in the strength of america global leadership. kerry takes over first thing on monday. >> president obama awarded national medal of science and technology to 23 researchers
9:43 pm
and inventor today including 3 from the bay area. 2 from stanford. dr. sidney works in the field of arms controlling. dr. shapiro recognized for her research in developmental biology. dr. rosenfeld 40's berkeley. >> american council for energy efficient economy and california institute for energy and environment and lawrence berkeley national laboratory. for strrd ledership in the development of energy efficient building technology and related standard policy. [applause]. >> today physicist measure energy savings in quantity they call rosenfeld believe it or not. >> well today i had the chance to sit down with director rob reiner the man behind film like the princess bride and when harry met sally and other detroit films. host add conversation with him at the club where he talked about the role he's had as filmmaker and political activist. specifically the fight against proposition 8. >> one of the reasons we took
9:44 pm
on proposition 8 aside from the obvious reason of marriage equality and we should all be treated equal under the law and it's a it was a bad initiative and court have already overturned it we hope the supreme court will uphold thos those. those rulings it was partly an education process. being able to teach. being able to show people that everybody is equal. >> i also asked him about agreeing up around some of the most famous comedian of the 20th century. >> remember one time going down to the show of shows and there was the writer room and we are talking about neal simon and woody allen and mel brack. some of the most brilliant writers. and my dad and everybody. and i remember like 5 or 6 years old. signature up waiting for him to kilometer out of the writer room and i thought screaming crazy screaming at each other. because they were fighting for the joke or whatever. i said
9:45 pm
that's comedy? they are making comedy. sounds lake they are killing each other in there. >> also asked rob about what it was like at his home and did he recognize it was kind of unusual childhood with mel brooks and folks hanging around no not until i went over to a friend house one day and i thought his house isn't nearly as funny as main. any way delightful. very sharp guy interest to go talk with. >> we continue tonight. up next san francisco banjo man. >> in new orleans with one of the most popular niner anywher anywhere. he has a problem. anywhere. he look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
9:46 pm
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9:49 pm
. >> let's get back to the little game happening on sunday. no surprise that sunday superbowl is the toughest ticket to get right now. die hard forty-niner fan made the trek to new orleans without one and still hoping that he will get in. 7 news reporter wayne caught up with him. >> look. down in the crowd. it's a bird. it's a plane. no it's. >> we are no. 1. >> stacy of fairfax, california not missed a home game in 30 years. man with a problem we mate add. another of many niner fans frozen out so far without tickets. >> anything from the face value down to zero would be good. >> which would you prefer. >> take a guess. >> one more distraction in the city spilling over with the big easy now a baltimore forty-niner faith if you think san francisco is weird.
9:50 pm
>> what is the strapingtest thing so far. >> i just got kissed by a robo >> i just got kissed by a robo robot. >> and serenaded by a city where they paved the street with music. >> all kinds of music. people that came from all over the world. they came and settled here. and they brought music with them and kind of like put it all together like a gum would. >> now banjo man in the big league now. >> which ladies a person to wonder can a banjo and cake double as a ticket. ♪ 14ers know we are no. 1. going to win the superbowl and have a lot of fun. >> niners.
9:51 pm
>>reporter: as for our story we have only one question. who needs beyonce when you have banjo man? in new orleans wayne abc 7 new news. >> no lip syncing clearly he's singing right there. let's go back and update the weather forecast. spencer keep everyone updated on whether banjo man gets in the game on sunday. >> could i think of reasons to prefer beyonce. >> many. >> let's talk about the weather shall we. satellite radar composite image shows layer of thin cloud over the bay area but let's talk about new orleans over the weekend. 3 day forecast calls for partly mainly sunny sky next 3 days in new orleans. mild afternoon weather with high in the upper 60's. not too cool overnight in the 40's and getting out and enjoying what is one of the great cities in the world actually. let's get back to state of california tomorrow. sunny are top to bottom warm down south with high in the mid upper 70's. los angeles palm springs. 60's most other places
9:52 pm
that would include the bay area and see mild conditions tomorrow. sunshine. high pressure mainly in the mid upper 60's. except a little cooler near the coastment low 60's there and here is the accu-weather 7 day forecast. tomorrow through monday we will see mild conditions with high pressure in the mid 60's. then we start to cool down a little bit tuesday wednesday chance of rain thursday friday issued mention to him is a spare the air day with declining air quality tomorrow but should improve by sunday. >> good to know thanks very much. >> larry is in new orleans as we like to say and rick is here with all the sports. >> big games almost here. waiting all week. >> 48 hours now. >> less than that. >> 49ers and ravens final practice before the superbowl today. and while much has been made of the harbaugh brother versus brother angle this game ve[ woman ] my boyfriend and i were going on vacation,
9:53 pm
so i used my citi thankyou card to pick up some accessories. a new belt.
9:54 pm
some nylons. and what girl wouldn't need new shoes? and with all the points i've been earning, i was able to get us a flight to our favorite climbing spot, even on a holiday weekend. ♪ things are definitely... looking up. [ male announcer ] with no blackout dates, you can use your citi thankyou points to travel whenever you want. visit to apply.
9:55 pm
>> come up tonight at 11:00. ready for unthinkable. what teachers and even students learning to do in case a gun
9:56 pm
man gets on campus. >> final pitch to super bowl fans planning to take to the streets after the game. join us for those stories and more on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. but rick here is here and as we talk about the game, just 2 more days my friend. >> one more one through tomorrow then game on. we are now less than 42 hours away from superbowl xlvii. both teams held the final practices today. saints indoor facility for the third straight day 49ers linebacker smith and brooks saw limited action with shoulder injuries. practice wrapped up 15 minutes early. for baltimore coach john harbaugh gave the 65 minute work out an a plus plus saying the team is cooking on all cylinders. this game won't feature one harbaugh brother against another but jim son jay works for the ravens. so also going to be father versus son. >> maybe that will tip the scale. maybe that will be our edge. beat jay he's really good. accepted him a few text
9:57 pm
letting him know how i feel in about him and i don't want to get him where people are thinking i'm talking to him so but i'm really proud what he's doing. i have heard he has done a great job. that means the world. >>reporter: randy moss drawn a lot of attention this week michael crabtree will likely have a bigger impact during the game. he's quickly become kaepernick go to receiver. rice has been impressed with the chemistry. >> crabtree my god he's like a new receiver. they have a connection. you can see that chemistry on the football field. i think whenever he has like one-on-one coverage kaepernick is going to throw him the football. >>reporter: last time the 9ers were in a superbowl san francisco routed san diego steve young threw a record 6 touch down passes today the hall of fame quarterback talked to larry. >> 18 years after certain somebody won a superbowl for the san francisco 49ers. it
9:58 pm
has been too long for the red and gold. >> well, just saying. that i regret 98. i regret 92. it's like you think of the things that you came close to. so grateful forever 94 and great year. the run we had at the time. look back. man we were so close so many times grit to see the 49ers back. >> what is your gut tell but a guy making the tenth start and it's the superbowl. >> well either he's obviously very talented we get that. so i don't want, no diminishing that. think also put in context without the history. i asked him when i talked to him have you been hit hard. no. have you been physically contested anywhere. like no. so we know that is coming. we know that can't stay that way. real question is can they can they take advantage of this bridge. this beautiful gold bridge that has been built by the pistol offense. wrinkle that is really a key to winning games down the stretch
9:59 pm
especially obviously in green bay. that wrichbing el to me is a great bridge for guys like colin and wilson and rg three. i believe that bridge allows the guys to attack young players the superbowl when in the past it hasn't happened because you need the job was to deliver the ball for the pocket. too hard of a job too complex to do as young guy so i think that for colin wonderful year to come under the league. have this wonderful wreching el and ultimately superior talent that he is. >> superbowl ring life changing experience it was for you. >> defining. days fing in many ways. if we would have lost the game then don't get to talkb- the game stands alone in the whole career. >> talk about superbowl why they are important. i knew it was important because i would be talking about another 405060 years while alive into the future when i'm passed away. talk about superbowl nature of the game. >> stanford

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